This course is the continuation of Art Foundations I and is the second introductory foundation course for Art and Design majors at Truman (although, non-Art majors are encouraged and welcome to enroll). This course is designed to build upon and to expand upon the drawing and composition skills introduced in Art Foundations I. Art Foundations II concentrates primarily on the essential drawing principles in relation to the human figure through direct observation. Students are exposed to different traditional drawing/design media, and engage in drawing/design exercises intended to present a range of skill- and knowledge-based challenges that should result in a better understanding of, and an enhanced experience with, both the tools and concepts of drawing and design.

Course Content

This is a basic level studio foundations class and assignments and projects will deal with elements and principles of drawing, design, aesthetics and study of the human figure in art making.

Some terms we will be using are: Hue, Intensity, Local color, Analogous colors, Value, Balance, Proportion, Symmetry, Asymmetry, Implied line, Complementary colors, Neutrals, Chiaroscuro, Value pattern (Value structure), Positive/Negative space, Cross-contour, Gestural line, Hatching, Composition, Pattern, Monochromatic, Context, Theme and Variation, Form and content, Atmospheric perspective.

A Note About Figure Drawing – Working with a nude model is a tremendously rewarding experience but it can be awkward or embarrassing. Using the politest possible term for body parts helps, as does treating the model, your fellow students, and your teacher with dignity and respect. Fortunately, it’s such hard work our minds won’t have much time to worry about these things. And it’s so much fun that an environment of good will is generally a given.