Outside of class assignments

So, for Thursday, Feb. 9… I want you to work with the four states of watercolor that I showed you today in class. I want to see the best examples of what you do for each state listed below on Thursday.

Wet on Wet – for broad areas of color, areas of color transition from shade to tint or saturation and/or hue. This is not a control state. Let the watercolor do it’s thing. Don’t fuss with the media in this state. Lay it down and let it be.

Wet on Dry – this state is a control state. Since the surface is dry, the media stays where it is placed. You can do different things with this state depending upon the type of brush you are using. This state with a fine tip round brush is where you can paint in structural line to define edges and detail in the piece.

Dry on Wet – this state allows you to remove color from an area. A damp brush to lift color in a wet area or even a dried area. This is a subtractive process.

Dry on Dry – this state is for creating textures. A damp pigment loaded brush on a dry surface.

Correcting mistakes – you can fix any mistake with clean water. Just add water to a wet or dried area and keep flushing the mistake with water until it lifts off. It is figg’n magic.

Once you work with and understand these states, you will be able to do anything with wet media. Practice make general things… maybe some little watercolor landscapes.

I also want you to paint with watercolor a color wheel that has the primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors. See examples below.

Bring your color wheel to class on Thursday, I want to talk some color theory before we get started. Bring your watercolor supplies to class on Thursday too.


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