Learning how to draw and perfecting drawing skills is very straight forward. You simply need to draw a lot, and fail a lot until you develop an ability to truly see what you are looking at and translate that to your paper. This practice develops your aesthetic sensitivities and your technique in a range of media. I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to draw as much as possible. And, don’t worry about it being good or bad – just draw.

You also can’t work in a vacuum. Look at the drawings of your classmates this semester and use Pinterest and YouTube as a resource. I have a several Pinterest boards with examples of drawings, artwork, design and illustrations that might help inspire you to improve your drawing abilities. I also will be  drawing in class with you, so feel free to take a quick break during an extended pose to see how I approach drawing the figure. And, please ask questions. I always appreciated watching someone with experience do the task that I was asked to do in class. Just keep in mind, I have forty plus years of drawing/painting practice and experience – which takes me back to my original point – you have to practice to get good,




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