Final Portfolio

As with the midterm portfolio, this portfolio is digital – photograph or scan your work, save as a .jpg or make a multiple page .pdf. Make your you crop out any background that isn’t part of your drawing. I want you to submit 8 of you best in-class drawings and I want the submission to include b/w or monochrome and color drawings (wet and dry media).

Also, include 4 more of your best outside of class practice drawings – things from your sketchbook.

You can email me your portfolio examples if your files aren’t too big. If emailing doesn’t work, connect to my computer (IP address:, connect as a guest and select the “public” folder and dump your portfolio folder or .pdf into the ART202 ASF II Final Portfolio folder. This is a drop box, so you won’t be able to “fix” the submission once it is dumped over to my computer.

Ask me next week in class if you have any questions.



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