Midterm portfolio

OK, here are the specs for the midterm portfolio due on Tuesday, October 11th.

Pick any seven of your best figure drawings so far from this semester. They can be from your sketchbook, newsprint pad or on the good paper – give me a range of b/w only and some of your color work too.

This is a digital portfolio, so get a camera or use your cell phone and photograph your choices. Watch your lighting when you shoot – don’t have cast shadows on your artwork and crop the image, so as only the drawing is seen (crop out any background). Shoot as squarely as possible. You can email me the individual .jpgs or put the seven images into a single .pdf file.

We have two more classes that you can draw  some decent drawings for this portfolio, so make an effort on Thursday and next Tuesday. The portfolio should be emailed to me by 11:59:59 on Tuesday. If you have any questions, let me know on Thursday.

Conte and color conte on Thursday. Next week is water media.


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